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Transforming Communities: The Power of Applying Six Sigma to Equity

In today's rapidly evolving world, the need for effective problem-solving and equitable solutions has never been more important. In the U.S. inequality is growing and often times Black and Brown people are the most severely impacted across multiple sectors, like education, healthcare, and housing.

Enter the Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute™ - a groundbreaking leadership program dedicated to empowering Black Women and Black Latinas to become skilled problem solvers through a unique lens of racial equity.

In this blog series, we'll delve into what sets this initiative apart from conventional Six Sigma approaches and how it's making a tangible difference in Marion County's Black community.

Redefining Problem Solving through Equity:

The Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute™ stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift. It isn't merely about statistics and processes; it's about integrating the principles of Six Sigma with a deep commitment to racial equity. This innovative approach opens doors to more effective problem-solving at the systems level as opposed to solely the programmatic level.

Building the Case for Six Sigma as an Equity Approach

Based on experience, I have discovered that inequities are woven into the fabric of how organizations do their work (systems). These deeply embedded inequities are not simply addressed by training employees on their biases, by reading books, and by reviewing our country’s painful history. Inequities must first be uncovered by using a magnifying lens to examine the details of how work gets done, how criteria are established, and how decisions are made. A detailed understanding of the problem statement, data, processes, customer voice, and goals are critical to closing equity gaps. For these reasons, Six Sigma is an ideal roadmap for dissecting and resolving inequities across systems and sectors.

Fostering a Future of Equitable Problem Solvers:

The Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute™ is not just a program; it's a movement. By infusing the principles of Six Sigma with a commitment to racial equity, this initiative is forging a path toward a future where complex problems are met with innovative, inclusive solutions. Join us in this journey of transformation, and let's make a lasting impact.

@2023 Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute

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