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The cornerstone of the Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute™ (SSREI)  Green Belt program is a Six Sigma project. The program participants apply their new skills to a project after successfully passing a knowledge exam.

Our primary focus is the professional growth of the participants. At the same time, we also focus on successful outcomes for employers (profit and non-profit). Our data demonstrates that our Six Sigma approach produces positive and equitable results that benefit all stakeholders.

For the next cohort, we would love the opportunity to come alongside your equity work. You can start the process by submitting a project idea for consideration. Remember - the focus is equity!  You may click the button below to submit your idea or continue reading the project examples. We would love to work with you!

SSREI - Communication Bounce Backs 

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A high percentage of mail/messages from the school district did not reach the intended recipients.  Broken communication impacted prevented families from receiving information about book rental and transportation.

SSREI - WIC Voucher Utilization

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Local market was approved to receive Women Infant and Children (WIC) vouchers; however, those who were WIC eligible were not coming to the market. 

SSREI - FAFSA Completion

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School Application

The FAFSA completion rate was allegedly lower for Black students and their parents/guardians compared to White students and their parents/guardians. Low FAFSA completion rates adversely impact college admission. 

SSREI - Supplier Diversity Prompt Payment

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Credit Card Purchase

Minority Business Enterprises were oftentimes paid late (past the payment term). Late payments negatively impacted Black businesses due to business size and lower capital.

SSREI - Time from Intake to Housing

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Therapy Session

The time from intake to housing at a local women's shelter was allegedly longer for Black women, Black Latinas and their children, compared to White women and their children. 

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Business Meeting

For the next Cohort, your project could be here! If you're interested, contact us for more details.


Indianapolis Public Schools

Indianapolis Airport Authority

Health and Hospital Corporation

Wheeler Mission Women's Shelter

Voices Corporation

Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

Eastern Star Church

Marion County Health Department

You may be our next project partner! Submit your project idea.

Politician Shaking Hands

Submit a Racial Equity Project Idea

We have a few requirements that help us determine if your project is a good fit for our Six Sigma work. Please read the requirements below, and check the box if all statements are true. If one statement is not true or you are not sure, take time to collaborate with your team, and return to this project submission page when you are certain that each statement is true.

  • An executive is committed to doing something about racial inequities.

  • Our numbers or metrics show that Black people are impacted by the work of your department.

  • A solution to the equity gap is not known.

  • Improvement of the equity gap is within your sphere of influence.

  • A senior leader (decision maker) can devote time to meeting with a team once per month for 5 months.

Thanks for submitting your project idea! Our team will contact you after reviewing your submission.

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