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This training leverages Six Sigma strategies to prepare high school students for STEM careers and jobs that require critical thinking. Our training targets underserved and historically underrepresented youth.

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According to the World Economic Forum, technological disruption is radically changing jobs and the skills required to fill them. The rapid change in job skills is contributing to growing gaps between the skills young people have compared to the skills they need. In 2020, the World Economic Forum published the third edition of its Future of Jobs report. The report revealed the top 10 skills that managers need for the jobs of the future. Six Sigma training covers many of these skills. Some of those skills are:

Preparing Future Leaders

Analytical Thinking

Identifying the logical, factual outcomes based on data and information


Maximizing the efforts of others by social influence towards the achievement of a goal

Problem Solving

Observing and making informed decisions to implement a solution to a problem


Withstanding and recovering quickly form challengies or difficulties

Critical Thinkng

Making objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment


Thinking about something in a logical way to draw a conclusion or make a decision

Let's prepare our youth for the future!

Coming Soon!!

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